BIENVENUE & Welcome to Studio CORALEME

where you transform the spark into a flame…


First of all, I’d like to acknowledge your dedication and investment in your own personal self-care and wellBEing. It takes courage to take that first step.

Secondly, I’d like to say that even though you have your own reasons to be my student (guest or colleague), we have things in common – a yearning to “be” more, to let go and escape the “rat race” , to reconnect with true self, reclaim our true nature and tap into our creative healing power.

More than just physical, health and wellbeing encompasses emotional stability, clarity of thought, the availability and willingness to love, create, embrace change, exercise intuition and experience a continuing sense of meaning and purpose in life. All who enter the studio and healing centre take steps to reclaim their true nature, rediscover vibrant health and wellBEing.

CORALEME makes that possible through lifeskills coaching sessions, Spiritpainting® workshops and integrative energy therapies which help people tap into their creativity and healing powers.

Coraleme is:

  • A comfortable urban terrace “home away from home”.
  • Soothing colors, peace and quiet.
  • A calm urban setting close to nature and a nature trail.
  • Creative, nurturing and healing activities.
  • A variety of resources at your disposal to facilitate your learning, increase your self-awareness and accelerate your growth in the form of books, audio, arts & crafts and products.
  • ‘ME’ time to rest, rejuvenate and repair.
  • Access to my private collection of inspirational books and music to enhance your experience.

Studio CORALEME aims to provide you with a unique experience by helping you REST, RELAX, RECHARGE your body and REKINDLE your spirit.

You will leave CORALEME with a renewed sense of purpose and overall wellBEing and increased motivation on YOUR PATH TO TOTAL WELLNESS – in mind, body, spirit and soul.



where you experience true connexion, communion and the ability to co-create…
a truly soulful experience…

Hope to see you soon!
Nicole (Besner) Bellehumeur



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